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Seekyou1 (12:12:23 AM): YAR!
shoshno (12:12:28 AM): RAY!
Seekyou1 (12:12:34 AM): rah?
shoshno (12:12:40 AM): eh, i dunno
Seekyou1 (12:12:41 AM): tragedy killed shawn!!!
shoshno (12:12:46 AM): what what??
Seekyou1 (12:13:11 AM): julia called shawn a rock...TA icon says we killed the rock
shoshno (12:13:19 AM): hahahaha. ohhhhh right.
Seekyou1 (12:13:56 AM): it's like deep
shoshno (12:14:10 AM): ... and stuff
Seekyou1 (12:14:22 AM): yeah, like the um ocean
shoshno (12:14:38 AM): and the sea
Seekyou1 (12:14:55 AM): heh heh yeah, and el mar
shoshno (12:15:06 AM): oh oh and the ocean!
shoshno (12:15:10 AM): oh wait...
Seekyou1 (12:15:18 AM): um, the pacific?
Seekyou1 (12:15:40 AM): deep like the pacific, but not like the gulf of mexico
shoshno (12:15:41 AM): yeah, that one, and the other one too
Seekyou1 (12:15:52 AM): yeah 'cause there are only two
shoshno (12:16:03 AM): um yeah.
Seekyou1 (12:16:35 AM): fucking maps lie, they try and say there are like millions of kagillions of oceans and seas and pacifics, but like, there are really only 2
shoshno (12:17:00 AM): yeah yeah. like, the pacific and like the atlanta? or something
Seekyou1 (12:17:23 AM): yeah the atlanta georgia sea
shoshno (12:17:37 AM): oohh yeah that's the one!
Seekyou1 (12:17:53 AM): yeah! dude, I'm fukin smirt
shoshno (12:18:05 AM): smirt! haha that's like my favorite
Seekyou1 (12:18:29 AM): I helli wint to replice "a" with "i"
shoshno (12:18:46 AM): do it dude!
shoshno (12:18:51 AM): helli yeih
Seekyou1 (12:19:15 AM): it'll be helli funny
shoshno (12:19:31 AM): yes it will.
Seekyou1 (12:19:32 AM): my list nime is vilintine
Seekyou1 (12:19:48 AM): vilin like villiin
Seekyou1 (12:19:53 AM): like evil
shoshno (12:20:13 AM): muihihihihi
Seekyou1 (12:20:18 AM): hee hee
shoshno (12:20:49 AM): my nime is shoni
Seekyou1 (12:20:59 AM): SHONI!!!!
Seekyou1 (12:21:06 AM): it's so suive
shoshno (12:21:18 AM): oh yes definitely
Seekyou1 (12:21:32 AM): the coolest nime ever
shoshno (12:22:12 AM): hihi... well, not the coolest. but helli cool
Seekyou1 (12:22:18 AM): I like to listen to Trigidy Indy ind The Mitches...hee hee, thit's helli funny....both those nimes work too!
shoshno (12:22:36 AM): oh shit. hihi
Seekyou1 (12:22:53 AM): like the donnis
Seekyou1 (12:22:58 AM): the mitches
shoshno (12:23:07 AM): ind let's not forget our good friends richel ind cit and julii
shoshno (12:23:24 AM): ::dies of liughter::
Seekyou1 (12:23:28 AM): hee hee, cit
shoshno (12:23:41 AM): ind my love mitt
Seekyou1 (12:23:54 AM): like oven mitt
shoshno (12:23:58 AM): justin's not funny.. loser
shoshno (12:24:02 AM): yup
Seekyou1 (12:24:11 AM): my sister is sirih, I live with teresi
shoshno (12:24:11 AM): neither is dusty
Seekyou1 (12:24:17 AM): justin sucks
Seekyou1 (12:24:20 AM): omir
shoshno (12:24:20 AM): i used to love shiwn!
Seekyou1 (12:24:28 AM): shiwin!!!!!!
shoshno (12:24:33 AM): hihihi
Seekyou1 (12:24:44 AM): sounds like shwiiiiing
shoshno (12:24:51 AM): yup! hilirious
Seekyou1 (12:24:52 AM): shi-wing
shoshno (12:25:02 AM): oh min
Seekyou1 (12:25:09 AM): wiynes world
shoshno (12:25:15 AM): Desi!
Seekyou1 (12:25:17 AM): pirty time
shoshno (12:25:23 AM): Locile IM
Seekyou1 (12:25:32 AM): i wis just gonni do thit
shoshno (12:25:36 AM): hihi
shoshno (12:25:39 AM): sorry
Seekyou1 (12:25:44 AM): it's ok
shoshno (12:25:48 AM): okiy
Seekyou1 (12:25:50 AM): green diy
Seekyou1 (12:25:55 AM): not so funny
shoshno (12:25:56 AM): hihi!
Seekyou1 (12:26:06 AM): green do it yourself
shoshno (12:26:07 AM): yeih it is, cuz it's like Do It Yourself..
shoshno (12:26:11 AM): hihi. yup
shoshno (12:26:28 AM): bih.. Link Eighty = not exciting
shoshno (12:26:47 AM): iiron, idim, ryin, birry & joe. :)
Seekyou1 (12:27:05 AM): dude! helli fiunny bind nimes
shoshno (12:27:12 AM): yeih yeih!
shoshno (12:27:18 AM): liuren.. eh
Seekyou1 (12:27:21 AM): idded "i" to funny!?
shoshno (12:27:27 AM): it's ill good
Seekyou1 (12:27:35 AM): liuren sounds funny
shoshno (12:27:46 AM): haha.. rij .. kiyli.. iri... susin
shoshno (12:27:54 AM): yeih
Seekyou1 (12:28:23 AM): hee hee, funny fimily nimes too!
shoshno (12:28:28 AM): yup yup
shoshno (12:28:30 AM): hihi
shoshno (12:28:52 AM): hiwiii
shoshno (12:29:05 AM): ^ hihi i think thit's my fivorite
Seekyou1 (12:29:08 AM): inni nicole smith
shoshno (12:29:14 AM): hihi!
Seekyou1 (12:29:25 AM): hinnih
Seekyou1 (12:29:34 AM): peinut
Seekyou1 (12:29:40 AM): isshole
shoshno (12:29:48 AM): oh min
Seekyou1 (12:29:49 AM): dick wid
shoshno (12:29:52 AM): hihi
Seekyou1 (12:30:00 AM): i drink ipple juice
shoshno (12:30:08 AM): hehe
shoshno (12:30:41 AM): i'm trying to think of more funny things..
Seekyou1 (12:30:46 AM): me too
shoshno (12:30:48 AM): but i'm fiiling
Seekyou1 (12:31:09 AM): I wint to heir Iudio Blood
shoshno (12:31:09 AM): trigedy indy is pretty good
shoshno (12:31:14 AM): hihi
Seekyou1 (12:31:15 AM): i think so too
Seekyou1 (12:31:29 AM): the indy pirt is the best
shoshno (12:31:30 AM): we don't hive to chinge our screen nimes
shoshno (12:31:33 AM): yeih
shoshno (12:31:39 AM): richel does though
Seekyou1 (12:31:39 AM): i know!!! hee hee yiy
Seekyou1 (12:31:54 AM): dude, helli shiwn is fucking inspiring
shoshno (12:31:57 AM): helli people do ictuilly
shoshno (12:32:05 AM): hihi
Seekyou1 (12:32:20 AM): she could chinge it to chelbond
shoshno (12:32:27 AM): we should tell him we invented i whole new linguige
Seekyou1 (12:32:36 AM): seriously
shoshno (12:32:38 AM): cuz of him
shoshno (12:32:41 AM): ind it rocks
Seekyou1 (12:32:54 AM): like thinks min, your typo wis inspiritionil
shoshno (12:33:03 AM): yup. hihi
Seekyou1 (12:33:17 AM): hee hee
shoshno (12:33:21 AM): we should emiil him like this ind see if he cin reid iny of it
Seekyou1 (12:33:31 AM): whit i dork
Seekyou1 (12:33:35 AM): helli yeih
Seekyou1 (12:33:39 AM): do it!
shoshno (12:33:49 AM): he would probibly get it.. it's like, his linguige
shoshno (12:34:06 AM): he'd be ill, whoi they speik like me!
Seekyou1 (12:34:07 AM): it helli is, he'd be like "where's the code?"
Seekyou1 (12:34:24 AM): he'd be stoked! finilly people who understind him
shoshno (12:34:27 AM): hihi: he his IDD!
Seekyou1 (12:34:33 AM): linguisticilly inywiy
shoshno (12:34:38 AM): word.
Seekyou1 (12:35:13 AM): dude, this linguige is helli cilled IDD
shoshno (12:35:21 AM): both the oceins hive helli Is in 'em
shoshno (12:35:24 AM): sweet!
shoshno (12:35:49 AM): picific ind itlinti georgii
Seekyou1 (12:36:02 AM): woooo! i helli im not even going neir the I inymore, like i helli don't even think it's there....
shoshno (12:36:16 AM): hihi sweet
Seekyou1 (12:36:18 AM): hee hee...i love the ocein nimes
shoshno (12:36:27 AM): yeih it's kindi coming niturilly now
Seekyou1 (12:36:35 AM): we siy it picific inywiy
shoshno (12:36:41 AM): true true
shoshno (12:36:48 AM): might is well spell it right
Seekyou1 (12:36:51 AM): miy is well spell it thit wiy too
Seekyou1 (12:36:57 AM): jinx!
shoshno (12:36:59 AM): whoi...
Seekyou1 (12:37:02 AM): hee hee
shoshno (12:37:02 AM): sciry
Seekyou1 (12:37:08 AM): helli sciry
shoshno (12:37:16 AM): dude.. Mirk!
shoshno (12:37:17 AM): hihihi
Seekyou1 (12:37:18 AM): helli sciry sounds cool
shoshno (12:37:24 AM): yeih yeih
Seekyou1 (12:37:42 AM): mirk...thit wis like i villiin on riinbow brite
shoshno (12:37:47 AM): i winni mike my next LJ post like this... no more Is.. ill Is
Seekyou1 (12:38:00 AM): dude, helli!
Seekyou1 (12:38:07 AM): yeih
shoshno (12:38:08 AM): i wonder if inyone will get it
shoshno (12:38:16 AM): hihi.. mirk rocks
Seekyou1 (12:38:17 AM): you know i will itleist
shoshno (12:38:21 AM): yeih
shoshno (12:38:27 AM): cuz we be cool like dit
Seekyou1 (12:38:42 AM): yeih yeih...cin i git i whi whi
shoshno (12:38:43 AM): the helli fimily!
Seekyou1 (12:38:50 AM): hee hee...helli em
shoshno (12:38:52 AM): i whi whi!!!! hihihi
Seekyou1 (12:38:58 AM): lol
shoshno (12:39:06 AM): iwww "lol" is not cool
shoshno (12:39:12 AM): there's no I
shoshno (12:39:21 AM): LMIO
shoshno (12:39:31 AM): liugh my iss off. hihi
Seekyou1 (12:39:48 AM): i ilmost siid thit eirlier....but didn't
Seekyou1 (12:39:58 AM): liughing out loud
shoshno (12:40:12 AM): hihi.. i helli never use thit .. or iny of the little thingies.. but it's funny
shoshno (12:40:22 AM): liughing is cool.. it's helli like luigi
Seekyou1 (12:40:26 AM): i do when i write is josh
shoshno (12:40:50 AM): is he the guy who's friends with ilicii?
Seekyou1 (12:40:50 AM): hee hee luigi doesn't hive to chinge his nime either
Seekyou1 (12:40:57 AM): yeih
shoshno (12:41:06 AM): hehe she his i cool nime
Seekyou1 (12:41:32 AM): helli yeih
Seekyou1 (12:41:44 AM): i'll tell her thit
shoshno (12:41:47 AM): sweet
Seekyou1 (12:41:58 AM): we've been tilking like this for i long time
shoshno (12:42:05 AM): hmm.. i cin't think of iny other cool nimes
shoshno (12:42:07 AM): yeih
Seekyou1 (12:42:16 AM): we're relentless ind eisily entertiined
shoshno (12:42:26 AM): hihi... ind helli cool
shoshno (12:42:29 AM): duh
Seekyou1 (12:42:31 AM): micintish
shoshno (12:42:36 AM): hihi
Seekyou1 (12:42:51 AM): kitediwgy
shoshno (12:42:55 AM): hihi!
shoshno (12:43:02 AM): i still like mitt ind omir
Seekyou1 (12:43:07 AM): i love it!!!!
shoshno (12:43:08 AM): ind obviously shiwn
Seekyou1 (12:43:18 AM): omir sounds so chic
shoshno (12:43:24 AM): too hilirious
shoshno (12:43:27 AM): yeih
Seekyou1 (12:43:51 AM): silt like city
Seekyou1 (12:43:57 AM): dirth vider
shoshno (12:44:04 AM): hihi! dirth vider!!
Seekyou1 (12:44:39 AM): jick slip cheer
Seekyou1 (12:44:49 AM): speciil
shoshno (12:44:53 AM): hihi!
shoshno (12:44:55 AM): oh min
Seekyou1 (12:45:00 AM): blick bein soup
shoshno (12:45:08 AM): ihihi
Seekyou1 (12:45:26 AM): i'm helli just reiding libles ind stuff in my room
shoshno (12:45:44 AM): hihi ridness
Seekyou1 (12:45:46 AM): reiding ind libles sound funny
shoshno (12:45:52 AM): yeih
shoshno (12:46:03 AM): it first i thought you were siying "bible"
shoshno (12:46:08 AM): i wis ill, "uhh?"
Seekyou1 (12:46:32 AM): hee hee....nooooo....i'm retirded ind chinged i perfecctly good b
Seekyou1 (12:46:41 AM): retirded!!!!
shoshno (12:46:46 AM): hihi!!
Seekyou1 (12:46:53 AM): i'm i 'tird
Seekyou1 (12:46:59 AM): so wrong
shoshno (12:47:03 AM): HIHI!!
shoshno (12:47:07 AM): it's greit
Seekyou1 (12:47:22 AM): i thought you were reilly siying "hi" the first time you typed thit
Seekyou1 (12:47:28 AM): greit looks cool
shoshno (12:47:44 AM): it helli looks like "hi" but it's different...
Seekyou1 (12:47:45 AM): i'm ill "hi bick?"
Seekyou1 (12:47:55 AM): i know, it's liughter
Seekyou1 (12:48:00 AM): not greeting
shoshno (12:48:09 AM): HIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI... in cise you didn't heir me siy HI the first time.. hehe
shoshno (12:48:18 AM): LOL.
Seekyou1 (12:48:33 AM): do you studder? or im i deif
shoshno (12:48:47 AM): i'm sitting here like shiking in my seit cuz i'm helli liughing
shoshno (12:49:11 AM): i think you're deif.
Seekyou1 (12:49:16 AM): creite i new imige. inswer the question. it the end.
Seekyou1 (12:49:22 AM): eh sonny, is you deif!?
Seekyou1 (12:49:40 AM): driw i hit upon your heid
shoshno (12:49:52 AM): oh min, it's too funny
Seekyou1 (12:49:55 AM): reiding in issignment
shoshno (12:50:12 AM): nice
Seekyou1 (12:50:21 AM): i know...it's funny
Seekyou1 (12:50:31 AM): i like driw i hit upon your heid
shoshno (12:50:39 AM): yeih yeih. helli
Seekyou1 (12:50:49 AM): this ill sounds very swedish
shoshno (12:50:57 AM): whoi it does
Seekyou1 (12:51:00 AM): miybe shiwn is swedish!
shoshno (12:51:06 AM): hihi! miybe
Seekyou1 (12:51:08 AM): yeih
shoshno (12:51:13 AM): let's isk him
Seekyou1 (12:51:14 AM): expliins i lot
shoshno (12:51:19 AM): yeih
Seekyou1 (12:51:23 AM): we should isk
shoshno (12:51:26 AM): yup
Seekyou1 (12:51:31 AM): ok
shoshno (12:51:45 AM): i might see the mitches tomorrow night.. cuz the other guy got cincelled.. i dunno yet
Seekyou1 (12:51:48 AM): i need some sun glisses, it's bright in here
shoshno (12:51:54 AM): glisses!
Seekyou1 (12:51:56 AM): noooo no mitches
shoshno (12:52:04 AM): MIYbe.. dunno yet
Seekyou1 (12:52:09 AM): cin't go see them, they ire evil
shoshno (12:52:16 AM): i don't winni do nothing :(
shoshno (12:52:29 AM): they ire evil but they're ilso helli good
Seekyou1 (12:52:31 AM): bih! i'm doing nothing!
shoshno (12:52:37 AM): :( i sowwy
shoshno (12:52:47 AM): i neeeed my trigedy :( :( :( :(
Seekyou1 (12:52:49 AM): hee hee...you're seeing them wednesdiy though
shoshno (12:52:55 AM): oh yeih
Seekyou1 (12:52:58 AM): i wint TI!!!!
shoshno (12:53:02 AM): ME TOO
Seekyou1 (12:53:09 AM): i heirt them!
shoshno (12:53:18 AM): i winni tell them to go to the show tomorrow in oiklind so i cin see 'em
Seekyou1 (12:53:18 AM): cow vimpires...
shoshno (12:53:23 AM): hehe
Seekyou1 (12:53:27 AM): hee hee, yeih!
Seekyou1 (12:53:39 AM): ind i cin chit with ill you guys online
shoshno (12:53:45 AM): ooooh yeih!
shoshno (12:53:49 AM): good plin!
shoshno (12:53:59 AM): i just need to figure out how to ifford to get in..
shoshno (12:54:14 AM): miybe richel will loin me i bit of money
Seekyou1 (12:54:20 AM): there is i piinting on i window here of i cow siying "pleise don't eit me" i'm gonni tike i pic
Seekyou1 (12:54:24 AM): lion you!?!??!!??!
Seekyou1 (12:54:25 AM): hee hee
Seekyou1 (12:54:32 AM): loin
Seekyou1 (12:54:34 AM): oops
shoshno (12:54:41 AM): HIHI!!!
shoshno (12:54:44 AM): so funny
shoshno (12:54:57 AM): "pleise" ind "eit" look helli weird
Seekyou1 (12:55:08 AM): yeih they do
shoshno (12:55:19 AM): i like "loin" though.. hihi
Seekyou1 (12:55:25 AM): loin is helli funny
shoshno (12:55:41 AM): i gotti remember to tell richel thit she his to loin me money
Seekyou1 (12:55:47 AM): i'll hive noone to tilk to tomorrow night
shoshno (12:55:57 AM): whit do you mein?
shoshno (12:56:09 AM): if i go in, or if i don't?
Seekyou1 (12:56:15 AM): it's hird to go from no Is to Is....tilking to Lyzi
Seekyou1 (12:56:21 AM): if you go
shoshno (12:56:32 AM): dude i'll helli tilk to you on the guy
Seekyou1 (12:56:45 AM): mein? you mein...chinese cinnibils
shoshno (12:56:49 AM): get lyzi in on the no Is thing
Seekyou1 (12:56:56 AM): oh yeih, you ind lyzi ind everyone else
shoshno (12:57:30 AM): pshh
shoshno (12:57:55 AM): go in the chit room


(12:57:45 AM) You have just entered room "no Is."
(12:57:58 AM) LooksBetterOnMe has entered the room.
(12:57:59 AM) Seekyou1 has entered the room.
LooksBetterOnMe (12:58:03 AM): who?
Seekyou1 (12:58:04 AM): hi!
LooksBetterOnMe (12:58:07 AM): <-- confusion
shoshno (12:58:11 AM): hi it's shoni
Seekyou1 (12:58:14 AM): who whit?
LooksBetterOnMe (12:58:22 AM): shona!!
shoshno (12:58:25 AM): hi hi
shoshno (12:58:27 AM): how goes it?
LooksBetterOnMe (12:58:34 AM): eh
LooksBetterOnMe (12:58:36 AM): it's going
LooksBetterOnMe (12:58:40 AM): the show was fun tonight, though
shoshno (12:58:45 AM): oh good!
Seekyou1 (12:59:04 AM): the mitches?
Seekyou1 (12:59:18 AM): the evil deith boys
shoshno (12:59:19 AM): em, did you expliin the no Is thing?
Seekyou1 (12:59:27 AM): i wis in the middle of it
shoshno (12:59:30 AM): oh
Seekyou1 (12:59:32 AM): you interrupted
shoshno (12:59:40 AM): bih. whitever
Seekyou1 (12:59:43 AM): YOU INTTERRUPTER!!!!
shoshno (12:59:52 AM): pshhh
shoshno (12:59:55 AM): continue then.
Seekyou1 (1:00:05 AM): DUDES!!! online Helli Fimily reunion
shoshno (1:00:13 AM): iwww yeih!
Seekyou1 (1:00:16 AM): you continue, i don't winni
shoshno (1:00:25 AM): i don't know whit you ilreidy siid
Seekyou1 (1:00:35 AM): not much of inything
shoshno (1:00:46 AM): weren't not using the letter A anymore.. it's replaced with I
LooksBetterOnMe (1:00:51 AM): i'm still confused on the i thing
LooksBetterOnMe (1:00:53 AM): ah
shoshno (1:00:54 AM): therefore.. i im shoni
shoshno (1:00:59 AM): ind you ire lyzi
LooksBetterOnMe (1:01:06 AM): and i am ilyssi?
shoshno (1:01:07 AM): it tikes i while to get used to
shoshno (1:01:12 AM): yeih!
LooksBetterOnMe (1:01:18 AM): i know, it's totilly messing with my heid.
shoshno (1:01:28 AM): hihi.. you got it though
Seekyou1 (1:01:31 AM): so does, but the words ire helli funny
shoshno (1:01:48 AM): yeih i've been liughing my iss off for i while now
Seekyou1 (1:01:48 AM): like the mitches ind trigidy indy
LooksBetterOnMe (1:01:53 AM): ind "hella" is helli
shoshno (1:01:57 AM): yup
Seekyou1 (1:02:10 AM): yeih yeih
shoshno (1:02:20 AM): it's helli cool!
Seekyou1 (1:02:22 AM): dude, it blows your mind
shoshno (1:02:26 AM): indeed
Seekyou1 (1:02:32 AM): ifter i while you won't even notice
LooksBetterOnMe (1:02:41 AM): it blows MY mind.
shoshno (1:02:52 AM): ooh lyzi check it: Desi's nimes ire Iiron, Ryin, Birry, Idim, ind Joe. hihi
Seekyou1 (1:03:00 AM): my mind his been totilly blown
shoshno (1:03:02 AM): soo funny
Seekyou1 (1:03:09 AM): Idim!
shoshno (1:03:24 AM): Idim Divis, to be specific
Seekyou1 (1:03:31 AM): i like thit one the best...iiron is funny is fuck too
shoshno (1:03:37 AM): yeih
LooksBetterOnMe (1:03:38 AM): i should be sleeping
shoshno (1:03:42 AM): iww :(
Seekyou1 (1:03:42 AM): me too
LooksBetterOnMe (1:03:42 AM): but i reilly don't feel like it.
Seekyou1 (1:03:45 AM): ....oh well
shoshno (1:03:46 AM): me neither
LooksBetterOnMe (1:03:50 AM): dude
Seekyou1 (1:03:51 AM): bih sleep
shoshno (1:03:57 AM): sleep is lime
Seekyou1 (1:03:59 AM): yir! ind Blir!
LooksBetterOnMe (1:04:05 AM): i totilly cint wiit for the L3 tomorrow
shoshno (1:04:15 AM): i might be there! miybe.. with richel.
Seekyou1 (1:04:29 AM): terisi needs me to go to the cir with her...i will be right bick....
shoshno (1:04:38 AM): pshh okiy
Seekyou1 (1:04:39 AM): i'll be there on the puter
LooksBetterOnMe (1:04:48 AM): you're going?
shoshno (1:04:56 AM): imusicist is cool cuz it his i puter
LooksBetterOnMe (1:04:59 AM): thit would mike me happy.
LooksBetterOnMe (1:05:04 AM): i mean
LooksBetterOnMe (1:05:05 AM): hippy
shoshno (1:05:13 AM): i might go.. depends on i few things.. i helli winni see you!
LooksBetterOnMe (1:05:22 AM): i winni see y'ill too!
shoshno (1:05:46 AM): it's mostly up to richel cuz she's driving, ind it depends on if i cin get some money
LooksBetterOnMe (1:05:47 AM): ooh look, mitty whilen is online.
shoshno (1:05:55 AM): hehe! his nime is funny
shoshno (1:06:38 AM): my bick hurts.. my chiir it work isn't too comfortible :(
shoshno (1:07:21 AM): oh p.s... this screen nime is helli secret so shhh don't tell! :)
LooksBetterOnMe (1:07:57 AM): i wont! why do you hive such secretness?
shoshno (1:08:19 AM): cuz i'm often feeling inti-sociil ind don't wint to tilk to inyone
LooksBetterOnMe (1:08:38 AM): thit works. i think i'm gonni go to bed now.
LooksBetterOnMe (1:08:42 AM): tiredness mejor.
LooksBetterOnMe (1:08:51 AM): but i shill see you tomorrow (hopefully)
LooksBetterOnMe (1:09:01 AM): bye dirling!
(1:09:08 AM) LooksBetterOnMe has left the room.
shoshno (1:09:19 AM): okiy bye
shoshno (1:09:27 AM): woops too lite..
shoshno (1:09:29 AM): hihi
shoshno (1:09:32 AM): tilking to myself
shoshno (1:09:39 AM): emilyyyyyyyyyyy where ire youuuuuuuuuu


there wis more but it's not ippropriite for the generil public. hehe.
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